Complimentary Whitepaper: Key Findings of The Automated Drive South

The Automated Drive South
VSI Labs
Areas of Focus
Testing & Validating Vehicle Perception Technology

About This Whitepaper

VSI Labs recently embarked on the southern portion of its ongoing Automated Drive Series, a succession of quarterly, coast-to-coast driving initiatives that test and validate different ADAS technologies. For the Automated Drive South, VSI Labs made a 2,500-mile trek from Minneapolis, Minnesota (the company’s headquarters) to Austin, Texas. The vehicles driven by the VSI Labs team were equipped with a full stack of sensors, including visible cameras, thermal imaging, LiDAR, radar, and precision localization.

This whitepaper, authored by VSI Labs founder Phil Magney, details the key takeaways from the Automated Drive South. This paper includes an analysis of automated lane-keeping using the latest technology stack from Trimble and Ushr and sensor performance issues while driving in heavy rain.

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