Cerence & Visteon to Provide Voice-Enabled Cockpit Technology for the Motorcycle Market

Cerence Inc. (NASDAQ: CRNC) and Visteon Corporation (NASDAQ: VC) have announced that Cerence’s conversational AI will be integrated into Visteon’s SmartCore product with a leading motorcycle manufacturer in 2024.

Key Features

The new product will leverage Cerence’s AI-powered voice recognition, natural language understanding, and text-to-speech (with global language support) and Visteon’s Android-based SmartCore technology platform. SmartCore is an integrated domain controller engineered by Visteon to power essential items like the instrument cluster, infotainment, telematics, and display.

Common Ground

According to Visteon, SmartCore creates a premium cockpit user experience that simplifies driver interaction through intuitive user interfaces that drive multiple cockpit displays. SmartCore was launched in 2018 for the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, although it’s no longer exclusive to automotive applications.

“The motorcycle market is undergoing a digital-cockpit transformation similar to passenger vehicles,” explained Bob Vallance, senior vice president, customer business groups and marketing at Visteon. “Providing our customer with an integrated digital experience technology created by Visteon with Cerence’s technology equips riders with voice-powered access to a dynamic infotainment experience, keeping them safe and informed while on the road.”

“As two-wheelers become more prevalent, there’s a need for intelligent, voice-powered experiences that help keep riders safe through deep integration with their expansive digital lives,” said Sanjay Dhawan, CEO, Cerence Inc. “The infotainment system is the central brain of these vehicles, and we are proud to partner with Visteon as the leader in cockpit electronics to together create consistent, integrated experiences that can be simply deployed by our mobility customers.”

More Information Forthcoming

At the time of this writing, the name of the motorcycle manufacturer that will feature the new product has not been announced. However, according to both companies, the integrated solution can be “augmented and expanded to meet the customer’s needs with the addition of other Cerence core technologies, Cerence Cloud Services, and more.”

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