LeddarTech & Flex Announce a Collaborative Agreement to Develop a LiDAR Evaluation Kit

LeddarTech has announced a collaborative project agreement with Flex for the development of a LiDAR evaluation kit. The project agreement will also explore design, development, and manufacturing strategies as it relates to automotive LiDAR sensors. The collaborative partnership between LeddarTech and Flex combines LeddarTech’s sensing technology and Flex Automotive Solutions’ expertise and design services to deliver highly optimized automotive LiDAR sensors.

“Teaming up with Flex enables LeddarTech to offer optimal automotive LiDAR solutions to the market,” explained Michael Poulin, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Development at LeddarTech. “This collaboration shrinks the customers’ time-to-market, and reduces development costs and risks while delivering the benefits of an open platform model with high flexibility and opportunity for customization, differentiation, and added value.” 

“Flex is pleased to join forces with LeddarTech and its partners,” said Mike Thoeny, President of the Automotive Business Group at Flex. “Flex is ready to contribute with its expertise and technology to provide the market with a key sensor technology that potentially can save lives and deliver greater convenience to vehicle owners and mobility service users.”

Flex Joins Leddar Ecosystem

As part of the project agreement, Flex will join the Leddar Ecosystem, an open and comprehensive LiDAR platform option for OEMs and Tier1s. The Leddar Ecosystem focuses on common architectures and standardized components to lower risk, scalable platforms and roadmaps for better performance and cost optimization, and improving production volume, among other objectives. 

The project agreement between the two companies will see the marriage of LeddarTech’s sensing platform and ecosystem with Flex’s LiDAR sensor design and manufacturing expertise to better assist customers with any individual requirements they may have. LeddarTech’s platform also includes sensor fusion and perception software. According to LeddarTech, this will help customers achieve optimal ADAS & autonomous driving system performance requirements for the cameras, radar, and LiDAR sensors supplied by Flex.

“By combining Flex’s design, development, and manufacturing capabilities, working synergistically as part of the Leddar Ecosystem, we are collectively providing all the key ingredients to deploy LiDAR and LiDAR-enabled ADAS & AD applications at scale,” Poulin said.

“We look forward to working with LeddarTech on the mass production of automotive LiDAR sensors based on their open sensing platform,” Thoeny added. 

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