Lexus Teammate to Include New ADAS Features for 2022 LS 500h Hybrid Sedan

The 2022 Lexus LS 500h hybrid sedan will be the first vehicle in the automaker’s U.S. lineup to offer “Lexus Teammate” ADAS technology. Lexus Teammate, which will initially be available for all-wheel drive models, will consist of two features: Advanced Drive and Advanced Park. Although details about these latest ADAS features from Lexus are limited as of this writing, the automaker describes both as partial hands-free functions.

“We are very proud of Lexus Teammate, which is the culmination of five years of close collaboration between our technical centers in Japan and the U.S., said Derek Caveney, executive engineer at Toyota Motor North America’s Integrated Vehicle Systems team. “We conducted simultaneous development and rigorous testing in both markets with the goal of achieving industry-leading advanced driver assistance functionality.”

Advanced Drive

Advanced Drive is designed to execute acceleration, braking, and steering commands in accordance with the driving conditions detected by the system. This includes helping the LS 500h when changing or maintaining position in its current lane, following other vehicles, navigating certain interchanges and traffic jams, and passing slower vehicles.

Advanced Drive supports SAE Level 2 functionality that allows for driving on limited-access highways with partial hands-free, eyes-on-the-road operation. According to Lexus, the feature can reduce fatigue over long periods of driving.

Advanced Park

Advanced Park uses ultrasonic sensors and cameras – the latter of which Lexus describes as “complete-circumference” cameras – for 360-degree sensing. Doing so allows the LS 500h to provide a birds-eye view for the driver. Advanced Park automatically controls steering, acceleration, braking, and gear changes when parallel parking or backing into a parking space when engaged.

2022 Lexus LS 500h with Lexus Teammate technology.
2022 Lexus LS 500h. Photo: Lexus.

More Info Forthcoming

More information regarding Lexus Teammate functionality will be made available later this year. The 2022 Lexus LS 500h AWD with Lexus Teammate and LS 500 are expected to arrive in dealerships this fall.