Nira Dynamics & Zeeker Announce Strategic Collaboration to Develop Next-Generation Safety Technology

Nira Dynamics announced a strategic collaboration with Zeekr, a Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer owned by Geely Automobile Holdings. The companies will jointly develop and market new solutions for vehicle safety, sharing a desired vision for a future with zero road accidents. According to a press release, the strategic partnership stems from Nira Dynamics’ proprietary wheel detection algorithm.

“The collaboration between two innovative companies like Nira Dynamics and Zeekr has great potential,” said Lisa Åbom, CEO of Nira Dynamics. “We are now able to offer drivers globally a new level of safety.” 

Software-Defined Solutions

Based in Linköping, Sweden, Nira Dynamics has developed software services for the automotive industry since 2001. Its Tire Pressure Indicator technology, a software solution that determines inflation pressure from the wheel speed signals, is utilized in over 75 million vehicles. Other Nira innovations include Loose Wheel Indicator (LWI) and Tire Grip Indicator (TGI).

LWI detects when a wheel is loose and alerts the driver accordingly so they can slow down and pull over. The software-based LWI uses the vehicle’s existing sensors and takes into account road conditions, vehicle load, and different driving styles. Likewise, TGI helps drivers identify when a dry road unexpectedly becomes slippery and issues an alert. Also a software-based solution, TGI is active even before systems like ABS or traction control.

Zeekr SEA Platform

Zeekr recently raised $750 million from new and existing investors to expand its footprint. Zeekr’s current models, the 001 Safari Coupe and the 009 Luxury SUV, are built on Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA). The flexible and modular SEA platform houses Zeekr’s unique battery and electric motor technologies and can receive over-the-air updates. 

Nira Dynamics is working on a complete wheel safety product for future Zeekr vehicles as part of the collaboration, with more software integrations expected at a later date. “We are proud to yet again show that we stand by our objective to minimize road accidents,” Åbom added.