Recogni Debuts Phoenix Open-Source Computing Platform for Autonomous Applications

Recogni has announced the availability of the Phoenix ADAS/AD ECU system, an open-source computing platform for autonomous applications. The Phoenix platform combines Recogni’s Scorpio AI inference processor and the Renesas R-Car V4H SoC for configurations up to 2000 TOPS, the highest TOPS per watt capacity on the market, according to Recogni. As described in a press release, the Phoenix ADAS/AD ECU system is an efficient and scalable solution designed to support the higher computing needs of multiple levels of autonomy.

“Recogni was founded on the premise that true autonomous driving can only be achieved when a system collects and processes environmental sensor data far better than humans,” said Marc Bolitho, CEO of Recogni. “The Phoenix system is unmatched in its ability to process high-resolution data with low latency and extremely low power consumption.”

Safety-Centric & Purpose-Built

The Phoenix system is the fruit of an ongoing partnership with Renesas, something Recogni said is vital to its mission of advancing AV technology through high-performance, low-power systems with the widest variety of object classification, including the most vulnerable road users. Phoenix, described as a safety-centric purpose-built ASIL-compliant system, provides optimum levels of AI convolutional neural network performance while supporting the leading-edge vision transformer networks.

“Here at Renesas, we believe in the future of autonomous mobility and are committed to working with partners who share our vision,” said Daniel Sisco, Senior Director of Digital Product Strategy at Renesas. “Our collaboration with Recogni demonstrates the power of our combined solutions.” 

Open Software Architecture

As more OEMs are expected to gravitate towards software-defined vehicles, the Phoenix ECU can be remotely updated with the latest features and capabilities. “It is a feature-rich solution with an open software architecture offering OEMs the ability to customize their autonomous driving technology stacks to deliver the desired ADAS features to customers and scale their offerings over time for L2+ to L4,” Bolitho said.

“Our combined system provides automotive Tier 1’s and OEM’s a scalable architecture with the highest level of compute at the lowest power envelope,” Sisco added. “We are excited to work with Recogni to further the development and adoption of autonomous mobility.”