Toyota & Mcity Collaborate to Establish “Roadmanship” for Autonomous Vehicles

Toyota has partnered with experts from the University of Michigan’s Mcity to rethink the parameters of autonomous driving and establish the concept of “roadmanship” between autonomous and human-driven cars. Toyota has recently expanded investments to its Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC) to take a deeper look into the safety needs of future mobility by researching […]

IonQ & Hyundai Explore Quantum Computing to Enhance Object Detection in Future Cars

Maryland-based quantum computing specialist IonQ and South Korean automaker Hyundai announced a partnership in January 2022 to explore the use of quantum computing to enhance the performance and reduce the cost of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. In its latest press release, Hyundai is expanding its partnership with IonQ to apply quantum machine learning and […]

Dataspeed Kinetic Kits Debut for Startups & Educational Institutions

Detroit-based autonomous vehicle engineering provider Dataspeed Inc. has launched three new autonomous hardware and software platforms for small companies and educational institutions. The starter packages, officially called Dataspeed Kinetic Kits, provide flexibility and adaptability with the company’s proprietary array of by-wire systems, sensors, computing platforms, and in-house software. “Having explored, tested, and integrated a multitude […]

Honda Reveals $40 Billion Investment In Latest EV Roadmap

Japanese auto giant Honda is transforming its existing business portfolio toward full electrification. Honda is investing upwards of $39.7 billion in electrification and software technologies as the carmaker shifts from a non-recurring hardware sales model to a recurring business that sells hardware and software. Honda is also investing $342 million to accelerate the development and […]

Maserati Sales Growth Spurs 2030 EV Strategy

Maserati has entered 2022 with renewed vigor. The Italian automaker reported a 2.4 percent increase in global market share and 41 percent growth in sales in 2021, accounting for 24,269 vehicles sold to customers worldwide. After unveiling the incredible MC20 supercar in 2020 and freshening up its 2022 lineup with new GT trim variants for […]

2022 Toyota Mirai Receives Toyota Teammate With New ADAS Features

Japanese auto giant Toyota has announced the availability of its Toyota Teammate advanced driving system to the 2022 Mirai Limited grade. We first caught wind of Toyota Teammate (or Lexus Teammate) in April 2021 when it appeared in the new Lexus LS 500h, and it came with two main features: Advanced Drive and Advanced Park. […]

Cadillac InnerSpace Concept to Embody Historic “Standard of the World” Mantra

Cadillac made quite an impact with its InnerSpace concept car at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The Cadillac InnerSpace Concept is the third vehicle from the automaker’s Halo Portfolio and showcases the company’s strength in designing the most thought-provoking and gorgeous concept vehicles like the Ciel Concept (2011) and Cadillac Sixteen (2003). The automaker […]

Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle Completes Pilot Run at Black & Veatch Construction Site

Honda has collaborated with global engineering and construction firm Black & Veatch in conducting a pilot test run of its second-generation AWV or Autonomous Work Vehicle prototype. First appearing as a concept at CES in Las Vegas in 2018, Honda’s AWV successfully performed towing and hauling functions at a 1,000-acre Black & Veatch solar construction […]

Honda’s Road Condition Monitoring System Inspects Lane Markings In Real-Time

Japanese automaker Honda and Honda Research Institute USA, Inc. are developing a proprietary road condition monitoring system utilizing the existing cameras and sensors from production Honda and Acura vehicles. The system continuously evaluates current road conditions while driving to detect possible hazards in an effort to enhance safety. “Maintaining good road conditions helps keep everyone […]