Complimentary eBook: Problem Solving for Managers

About This eBook This free eBook describes six key principles for problem-solving that all successful executives, managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs should know. Problems and challenges are an inevitable consequence of business, but the techniques outlined in this eBook will help you identify and resolve them in a structured and diplomatic way. The six principles for […]

Cron AI & Innoviz Partner to Deliver LiDAR-Based Adaptive Perception Software for Smart Cities

Cron AI and Innoviz Technologies have announced a new partnership to deliver a deep learning-enabled perception solution for 3D point cloud data on the sensing edge. Specifically, the collaboration will accelerate the adoption of the InnovizOne LIDAR sensor and Cron AI’s senseEDGE platform into intelligent transportation systems, including V2X and other smart city markets. “Our […]

Cruise Receives Authorization to Test Driverless Vehicles on Public Roads in San Francisco

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has issued a permit to Cruise LLC, authorizing the company to test driverless vehicles on public roads in San Francisco. According to the California DMV, Cruise is the fifth company to receive a driverless testing permit in the state. Currently, 60 companies have an active permit to test autonomous vehicles […]

Complimentary Whitepaper: Key Findings of The Automated Drive South

About This Whitepaper VSI Labs recently embarked on the southern portion of its ongoing Automated Drive Series, a succession of quarterly, coast-to-coast driving initiatives that test and validate different ADAS technologies. For the Automated Drive South, VSI Labs made a 2,500-mile trek from Minneapolis, Minnesota (the company’s headquarters) to Austin, Texas. The vehicles driven by the […]

ADAS Guide 2021: Features & Packages by Manufacturer

About This Whitepaper While it’s essential to address customer confusion around ADAS, we believe it’s equally important for industry experts to have a clearer picture of what automakers offer today for advanced safety technology. That was the inspiration behind the 2021 ADAS Guide, a comprehensive look at how the world’s top OEMs approach advanced safety […]

Toyota Investing $1.7 Million to Help Diversify Engineering Workforce in Kentucky

Toyota has announced a $1.7 million investment to increase opportunities for underrepresented students in Kentucky and assist them in earning engineering degrees. The investment comes as Toyota already has a strong engineering and manufacturing presence in Kentucky. To date, the automaker has produced over 11 million vehicles at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, Inc. since the […]

Field Guide to Communication With Frontline Employees in Manufacturing

About This Whitepaper Today’s manufacturing organizations require new solutions to maintain safe, adaptable, and well-connected teams across their frontline workforce – and that begins with modern, effective internal communication tools. By leveraging technology to improve the way manufacturing teams communicate with production workers, management can improve worker safety, boost overall efficiency and agility, and shorten […]

Innoviz Announces New Details About its InnovizTwo LiDAR Sensor

Innoviz Technologies is continuing to make headlines worldwide. Perhaps the biggest news has been Innoviz and Collective Growth Corporation completing a new business combination which resulted in Innoviz being publicly listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “INVZ.” The milestone is a major achievement, given the company’s humble beginnings. Growing & Expanding The NASDAQ listing and […]

WaveSense Secures $15 Million to Accelerate New ADAS & Autonomous Features

WaveSense has secured $15 million as part of a recent funding round led by technology investors Rhapsody Venture Partners and Impossible Ventures. The news comes on the heels of several significant appointments for WaveSense, including the appointment of former Ford Motor Company Automotive President, Joe Hinrichs, and former General Motors CFO, Charles “Chuck” K. Stevens […]