$500 Billion Lost Due to Lockdowns & Supply Chain Shortages Examined In Avnet Silica Study

Over the past two years, the pandemic and supply chain shortages undoubtedly took a bite out of automotive manufacturers’ earnings. But exactly how much did these delays and supply shortages cost automakers? Avnet Silica, a semiconductor distributor and specialist division of Avnet, Inc., analyzed financial records to understand the true cost to automakers. The study results […]

New Research Shows Consumers Value ADAS, Still Unsure About Full Autonomy

AAA recently conducted its annual automated vehicle survey to determine the public’s perception of ADAS technology. When survey participants were asked whether they think automakers should focus on developing self-driving cars, most felt they should not. Only a small number of participants, 22 percent, said self-driving vehicles should be the main focus for manufacturers, while […]

How Can OEMs Build Consumer Trust in Self-Driving Technology?

“One of the challenges in ADAS technology has been in ignoring the driver. We put a lot of work into the outside environment, but we now need to turn inward to the driver.”  Howard Abbey, an Autonomous Car Specialist at SBD Automotive, shared this driver-centric idea during the May edition of AutoSensONLINE. The statement was […]