ADAS Sensors 2021 Conference to Examine New Market Trends, Mobility Technologies, Sensor Fusion, Component Packaging & More

ADAS Sensors 2021 Conference to Examine New Market Trends, Mobility Technologies, Sensor Fusion, Component Packaging & More 16
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According to a report by Expert Market Research, the global ADAS market reached a value of nearly 25.04 billion (USD) in 2020. According to the report, the ADAS market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 17 percent between now and 2026, trending toward a total market value of 65 billion by 2026. The report identifies LiDAR, ultrasonic, infrared, radar, and laser as significant sensor types during this growth period while naming automatic emergency braking, blind-spot detection, and lane departure warning, among others, as major systems.   

“The market growth in the coming years will be defined by the wider adoption of ADAS, lowered system costs, adaptability of the system technology across various vehicular types, and growing automation capabilities in cars,” writes Expert Market Research. “The rising electric vehicles industry and the growing inclusion of autonomous driving capabilities in cars are some of the key market trends expected to inform the growth of the ADAS industry.”

ADAS Sensors 2021 Conference

To help industry experts say informed and connected as the market grows and changes, Microtech Ventures has prepared its most comprehensive and in-depth agenda to date for ADAS Sensors. The conference, now in its fifth year, will be held online from April 6th through April 8th. Topics on the ADAS Sensors 2021 agenda include the challenges suppliers face, how artificial intelligence plays a role in sensor processing, how to consider new design, reliability, and packaging requirements, and what consumer trends will shape the market in the future.

“The ADAS Sensors workshop is a good place to find cutting edge technology companies for automotive sensor-based systems,” explained Joel Gibson, Vice President, Program Line Management, Magna International, who attended the event previously. “I found the content to be informational and relevant.”

“Our primary focus is automotive sub-systems, which use smaller sensors and chips than self-driving systems; however, we still learned very valuable information,” said Brose engineer Alex Polonsky, who also has attended the ADAS Sensors event. “Some of our key takeaways were what the future of the autonomous transportation space looks like, new emerging sensor and chip technologies, and we even arranged some sensor samples.”

Economics & Engineering

The topics of discussion at ADAS Sensors 2021 include a healthy mix of business and economics and engineering and innovation. ADAS Sensors 2021 will cover market projections, M&A developments, startup activity, and supply chain management on the business and economics side. Likewise, on the engineering and innovation side, attendees will see emerging trends with video, radar, LiDAR, infrared, and ultrasonic sensing technologies, new and exciting HMI applications, V2V and V2X connectivity developments, reliability testing methodologies and techniques, component and system packaging strategies, and the overall impact of advanced mobility technologies (among many others).

“In addition to technical talks, there were also several presentations dedicated to the marketplace and the investment landscape,” said John Harley, Vice President of Micralyne, who has attended ADAS Sensors before. “These provided a great context for the other talks, and really helped make clear what we can expect to see coming in this field in the next few years.”

Recently confirmed participants for ADAS Sensors 2021 include companies and organizations such as BMW, CarFax, Changan Motors, Consumer Reports, Continental, Denso, FCA, Flex, Ford, General Motors, IHS Markit, Lear, LeddarTech, Magna, Marelli, Veoneer, Volvo, Waymo, Yandex, and ZF.

“I was impressed with the level of the attendees and the quality of the questions and feedback we got from the audience,” recalled Jean-Yves Deschênes, President of Phantom Intelligence and a former ADAS Sensors speaker. “All presentations were very informative and, even as an insider, I got to learn a lot during the day.”

ADAS Sensors 2021 - participating companies slide.
ADAS Sensors 2021 – Participating Companies.

Register for ADAS Sensors 2021

ADAS Sensors 2021 will take place online via an AI-enabled platform that will provide networking opportunities for attendees. ADAS Sensors 2021 begins on Tuesday, April 6th, and goes through Thursday, April 8th.

AutoVision News readers receive a special 10 percent discount when they register and reserve their spot. Enter the promo code “AUTOVISION10” at this registration link. The promo code is case sensitive, so make sure to type it in all caps. In the meantime, an alphabetical list of speakers for ADAS Sensors 2021 is listed below.

ADAS Sensors 2021 is produced by Microtech Ventures, which also organizes the popular Automotive LIDAR conference.

ADAS Sensors 2021 Speaker Lineup

Automotive Sensor Data Collection for Analytics and Machine Learning
Johann Prenninger, Head of Analytics, BMW

Insuring the Modern Vehicle: The Impact of ADAS on Automotive Insurance
Don Hendriks, Actuarial Scientist, Carfax

Leveraging Simulations to Validate ADAS Sensors
Honghao Tan, Principal Engineer, Changan Motors

Sensors in ADAS Applications: Comparison of the Leading Automakers
Kelly Funkhouser, Head of Connected and Automated Vehicles, Consumer Reports

ADAS Technologies: Current Status and Emerging Trends
Amit Kapoor, Head of ADAS, North America, Continental

Multi-Sensor Safety Collaboration for L2+ Applications
Mohammad Musa, CEO and Founder, Deepen

ADAS and AV Startups: Current and Emerging Trends
Zhe Huang, Investment Manager, Denso

Cost Effective LIDAR for ADAS Applications using GaN Devices
Alex Lidow, CEO, Efficient Power Conversion (EPC)

Maintaining RADAR Performance for In-Body Integration
Max Himmel, Functional Integrator, RF Systems, FCA

Automotive Interior Sensors: Emerging Trends with Ultrasonics, Radars, and Cameras
Partha Goswami, PhD. Sr. Manager, Technology Trends and Insights, General Motors

Precise GNSS Localization for Automated Vehicles
Curtis Hay, Technical Fellow, General Motors

Emerging Sensing Technologies for ADAS Applications
Reza Zarringhalam, Global Technical Specialist, ADAS Lateral Controls, General Motors

Emerging Technologies for ADAS Applications: Imaging Radar, Thermal Sensors, & Lower-Cost LiDAR
Sam Abuelsamid, Principal Analyst, E-Mobility, Guidehouse Insights

Photodetectors for LIDAR: Challenges, Trends, and Selection Criteria
Jake Li, Business Development Manager, Hamamatsu

Comparison of ADAS and AV Sensor Types: Current Differences, Evolution of Applications, and Potential Convergence
Phil Amsrud, Senior Principal Analyst, Automotive Semiconductors, IHS Markit

Predicting Pedestrian Behavior: Potential ADAS Use Cases and Applications
Assam Alzookery, CEO, Intvo

LIDAR Optical Components: Recent Trends and Developments
Matt Robinson, Sales Director, Laser Components

Sensor Fusion with V2X and 5G Connectivity: Emerging ADAS Applications
Radovan Miucic, PhD. Director, Connectivity Systems Engineering, Lear

Impact of 5G on the Connected and Automated Vehicle Landscape
Gary Streelman, Director Advanced Engineering and New Concepts, Marelli

Sensors and System Interface Specifications for ADAS Applications
Peter Lefkin, Director, MIPI Alliance

Smart, Gapless Surfaces: New HMI Technology Transforming the Cabin Experience
Robert Badalian, Sr. Director Business Development, Automotive, NextInput

Improved Safety with 3D Thermal Ranging for ADAS Applications
Chuck Gershman, President and CEO, Owl Autonomous Imaging

Accurate Speed and Position Anywhere for ADAS Applications
Jim Lau, Technical Director, RaceLogic

Specialty Thermoplastic Solutions for ADAS Sensors
Jeff Xu, PhD. Business Manager, SABIC

Driving the Evolution of ADAS and Automotive Sensors with Silicone
Chad Kobylanski, Western Regional Manager, Shin-Etsu Silicones

Solid State LIDAR: Critical Microelectronics Assembly Challenges and Solutions
Dhiraj Bora, President, Silitronics

Market Opportunities for Sensors in ADAS Applications
Mark Fitzgerald, Associate Director, Strategy Analytics

Seeing Beyond the Visible: SWIR Imaging for ADAS Applications
Avi Bakal, CEO, TriEye

Digital Code Modulation Radar for ADAS Applications
Manju Hegde, PhD. CEO and Co-Founder, Uhnder

Radars and AI for Occupancy Monitoring in Cars
George Shaker, PhD. Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo

Managing ADAS Scalability from Supervised to Unsupervised Systems
Tom Toma, Senior Product Manager Vision Systems, Veoneer

High Performance Sensor Interfaces for Automotive Systems
Scott Rowlands, Program Manager, Automotive Programs, Viavi Solutions

Leveraging Connectivity for ADAS: Practical Examples for Increased Traffic Safety
Jonas Fenn, Strategic Business Development, R&D, Volvo

LIDAR Performance Benchmarks for ADAS and AV Applications
Dmitry Solomentsev, PhD. Head of LIDAR, Yandex

Driving Robustness and Efficiency in ADAS Validation
David Wilson, Director, Data and Analytics Monetization, ZF Group

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