Free Download: Automotive Global 2021 Report from Reuters Events

Free Download: Automotive Global 2021 Report from Reuters Events 16
Free Download: Automotive Global 2021 Report from Reuters Events 18
Automotive Global 2021 Report
Reuters Events, Roku
Areas of Focus
AVs & EVs, Sustainability, Automotive Retail

About This eBook

In October, Reuters Events hosted its annual Automotive 2021 Congress featuring CEOs and executives from companies like Nissan, Peugeot, XPeng, Opel, and more. As 2021 come to a close, Reuters Events has released its free post-event report, filled with insights on how the automotive industry will take shape going forward, especially around important topics like autonomy and electrification.

The report from Reuters Events is based on key takeaways from the speaker lineup at the Automotive 2021 Congress, which included:

  • Uwe Hochgeschurtz, CEO, Opel
  • Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid
  • Gill Pratt, CEO, Toyota Research Institute
  • Jordan Rost, Head of Ad Marketing, Roku
  • He Xioapeng, Chairman & CEO, XPeng Motors
  • Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and CEO, Bentley Motors
  • Scott Keogh, CEO and President, Volkswagen Group of America
  • Steve Carlisle, Executive Vice President and President, GM North America

Where to Download

The Automotive 2021 Congress report is available via the Reuters Events website. Additionally, all AutoVision News readers have access to our virtual resource library, which features a wide array of engaging technical content. Although always free to you, AutoVision News and its partners may earn a commission when you download a whitepaper from the resource library. 

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