Detroit Edition of AutoSens 2020 to Host Sessions on AI, Cybersecurity, M&A Activity, Thermal Cameras & More

Detroit Edition of AutoSens 2020 to Host Sessions on AI, Cybersecurity, M&A Activity, Thermal Cameras & More 16

The Detroit edition of AutoSens 2020 runs from Tuesday, November 17th to Thursday, November 19th. There is still time to register for the event, which includes panel discussions on AI, cybersecurity, and thermal cameras. Those who attended the Brussels edition can now watch those presentations on-demand via their AutoSens 2020 login. 

It’s full speed ahead for AutoSens 2020 as the Detroit edition draws closer. The virtual conference, set to begin on Tuesday, November 17th, will close out 2020 on a high note despite a year nobody could have predicted. Earlier this year, AutoSens announced that its Detroit and Brussels events, held in-person in May and September typically, would be offered entirely online for the engineering community. Simultaneously, organizers also launched AutoSensONLINE, a free series of events over the summer that served as a successful precursor to the virtual formats for Brussels and Detroit.

“One of our core principles is always to deliver high-quality technical content and add value to the engineering community, and that doesn’t change with our online events,” said Robert Stead, Founder of AutoSens. “Conversations and collaborations are what drives the success of AutoSens, and will be the signature ingredient at all our events for years to come, be it in-person or online.”

Expert Panel Discussions

Panel discussions will be a central component of the Detroit edition of AutoSens 2020, with each one examining a different yet critical challenge facing the industry. On Wednesday, November 18th, three unique panel discussions, each with a diverse array of industry experts, will take place. Here is a preview of each.

Shrinking AI Down to In-Car Units

The first, Challenges of Shrinking AI Down to In-Car Units, will focus on the requirements for hardened, highly-reliable code, resource-constrained environments, and how these impose new challenges for the developers of AI frameworks and in-vehicle applications. Panelists include Iisko Lappalainen, Director, Product Management and Solutions, MontaVista Software; Priya Muralidharan, Senior Manager, Renesas Electronics; and Vikram Narayan, Head of AI & Computer Vision, Visteon Corporation.

The panel, moderated by Christian Kurzke, Principal, ADL Ventures, will also feature Devin Matthews, a machine learning scientist from Blue River Technology. 

Cybersecurity in Automotive

The second panel, Cybersecurity in Automotive, will examine this critical topic as vehicles become more connected. Panelist include Cassie Clark, Senior Security Awareness Program Manager at Cruise; Vicki Kamenova, Cybersecurity Leader for Manufacturing & Mobility, EY Americas; and Jennifer Tisdale, Associate Principal, GRIMM. Gail Gottehrer of the Law Office of Gail Gottehrer will serve as moderator. 

“To answer the question of ‘what is cybersecurity,’ it is the protection of the system. In this case, it just happens to be an automobile as opposed to a credit card or laptop,” Tisdale explained to me earlier this year. “It is very important to understand that cybersecurity is not intended to undermine mobility; we are in support of connected vehicles and autonomous systems, and we are advocates that it be done smartly, securely, and safely.”

Thermal Cameras & Sensor Mix

The third panel, Do We Need Thermal Cameras in the Sensor Mix for Autonomous Driving, will consider which sensor combinations are most likely to make self-driving cars a reality. The panel will discuss hot topics like whether or not LiDAR is necessary or if thermal cameras can fill any system gaps.

Panelists include automotive sensing expert Abhay Rai; Boyd Fowler, CTO of OmniVision Technologies; Li Han Chan, Staff Technical Program Manager at Zoox; and Jon Diedrich, Visions System Tech Expert for Ford Motor Company. Phil Magney, Founder and Principal of VSI Labs, will moderate the panel. 

Keynote Sessions

On Tuesday, November 17th, two keynote sessions are scheduled. The first is on Positive Trust Balance, a new approach that can help with responsible deployment decisions despite uncertainties. That keynote session will be lead by Dr. Philip Koopman, Co-Founder and CTO of Edge Case Research. The second keynote, lead by Dr. Hongsheng Lu, Principal Researcher with Toyota’s InfoTech Labs, will look at enabling cooperative perception and V2X-assisted sensor fusion.

Other topics on the agenda include the latest M&A activity, how to run multi-channel cameras on a single automotive-grade SoC, and how COVID-19 continues to impact the industry. Like the Brussels event, the Detroit edition of AutoSens 2020 will offer a vast array of topical sessions, each with a different focus. Attendees can pick which session they want to attend virtually with an individual speaker and interact with them afterward via a Q&A segment. Although these presentations run concurrently, attendees can watch any sessions they may have missed on-demand.

“AutoSens exists simply to support and help engineers and scientists,” Stead added. “Even though we are in a virtual format now, it’s still about creating a meeting place and community that can be a catalyst for others in their pursuit of good science.”

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How to Register for AutoSens 2020

Tickets are still available for the Detroit edition of AutoSens 2020. Attendees can view the full schedule and speaker lineup here. After the conclusion of the week-long event, all sessions and presentations, including the panel discussions, will be available again on-demand. The AutoSens Awards, normally held in Brussels, will commence in a virtual format on Thursday, November 19th. 

“The vision has always been about community,” Stead said. “Conversations and collaborations are what drives the success of AutoSens, and will be the signature ingredient at all our events for years to come, be it in-person or online.”

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