Will “Intelligent Systems” Drive Future Automotive Business Models?

Will "Intelligent Systems" Drive Future Automotive Business Models? 16

According to an October 2021 report, one in five automotive industry leaders view “intelligent systems” as a viable future business model. These intelligent systems are the groundwork for an automotive industry that finds itself at the center of historic changes concerning the environment, the design of future cities, and the customer experience inside the vehicle.

Carl Anthony, our editor here at AutoVision News, was invited on MarketScale TV to discuss what qualifies as an intelligent system in an automotive context and how some of these systems function. “The term ‘intelligent system’ can describe many different applications, from autonomous and electrified vehicles to connected infrastructure,” he said. “These systems in automotive are usually about increasing the safety, connectivity, performance, and personalization of a given vehicle.”   

Play the video below to see more. 

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