LeddarTech Announces Participation at CES 2021 With Two Virtual Locations

LeddarTech Announces Participation at CES 2021 With Two Virtual Locations 16

Decision-makers at LeddarTech, a leader in environmental sensing platforms for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assistance systems, are scheduled to participate at the 2021 Consumer Electronic Show (CES). The virtual event will run from Monday, January 11th through Tuesday, January 14th. LeddarTech has announced they will be on hand to connect with CES attendees virtually.

“The resilience of people in adversity to have hope and see the future despite the difficulties of the present defines those of us working in the technology industry,” said Daniel Aitken, Vice President of Global Marketing, Communications, and Product Management at LeddarTech. “Vision, resilience, and optimism are what drives us to constantly innovate at LeddarTech. These same virtues are what we respect and are grateful for with our partners and customers.”

LeddarTech at CES 2021

Attendees can connect with LeddarTech at two different CES events (or virtual locations), which are listed below.

Government of Canada for Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service (TCS)

LeddarTech will join TCS Virtual Business-to-Business Matchmaking Program to help companies sell their products and services outside Canada. Companies are matched with those that offer funding and support programs, international opportunities, and a network of trade commissioners in more than 160 cities worldwide.

These meetings may be scheduled directly with the TCS. For more information, visit the TCS official CES 2021 event page.

Investissement Québec

LeddarTech is a delegate for the virtual mission of Investissement Québec, a program focused on Québec’s economic development. The program is designed to spur innovation, entrepreneurship, business acquisitions, growth in investment, and exports. CES works to support Québec companies to access and expand into American markets. The virtual site will be available on January 11th under the Exhibitor Directory.

“We are proud to partner with Canada’s Trade Commission Service and Investissement Québec at CES 2021 and are excited to meet, listen, and share our sensing solutions and vision concerning ADAS and AD technology with representatives from companies throughout the world,” Aitken said.

CES sessions include auto-centric topics like “EVs and Connectivity,” “Making Autonomous Vehicles a Reality,” and “Vehicle Tech Solutions Consumers Want.” Some of the many featured speakers include Mary Barra, CEO, General Motors, Brad Smith, president, Microsoft, and Hans Vestberg, CEO of Verizon.

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