Reuters Events Webinar to Examine How LiDAR Can Enable Safe Autonomy

LiDAR: Key Enabler for Safe Autonomy

Reuters Events will host its latest free webinar on April 28th about the pivotal role LiDAR will play as higher levels of autonomy are introduced to the market. While LiDAR does have many other applications and use cases, automotive remains one of the top sectors for LiDAR. According to Yole Développement, the automotive segment is expected to be the main driver for LiDAR innovations between now and 2025.   

Topics of Discussion

During the live webinar titled LiDAR: Key Enabler for Safe Autonomy, a panel of industry experts will examine the use cases for automotive LiDAR, along with implementation strategies and requirements. Planned topics of discussion include the key economic drivers for Level 2+ to Level 5 autonomy, the differences when considering software-driven LiDAR, and the threshold of performance relative to features and SWaP-C.

“LiDAR remains one of the most central and fundamental topics when it comes to the reliability and effectiveness of next-generation ADAS technologies,” said Carl Anthony, Managing Editor of AutoVision News. “Based on my work in the industry, there is evidence to suggest that automakers and OEMs will utilize the latest LiDAR innovations in some capacity, at some point in the near future.”  

Expert Panel

Speakers for the LiDAR: Key Enabler for Safe Autonomy webinar include:

  • Dr. Gunnar Juergens: VP and Head of LiDAR Segment, Continental.
  •  Jordan Greene: Founder and VP of Corporate Development, AEye, Inc.
  • Jon Lauckner: Former Chief Technology Officer and Ventures President, General Motors.

Automotive News Senior Reporter, Pete Bigelow, will serve as the moderator.

How to Register

The LiDAR: Key Enabler for Safe Autonomy webinar is free for all automotive industry professionals. This webinar will take place on Wednesday, April 28th, at 11:00 am Eastern over Zoom. Registration is currently open via this link

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