The Seamless Customer Journey: Reuters Events Webinar to Examine How OEMs & Dealers Can Embrace a New Normal

The Seamless Customer Journey: Reuters Events Webinar to Examine How OEMs & Dealers Can Embrace a New Normal 16

Reuters Events Automotive is getting ready to present its latest industry-focused webinar titled The Seamless Customer Journey. The virtual webinar, set for March 11th, will examine how OEMs and dealerships can prioritize customer interactions and remove friction points in the buying process to create a seamless end-to-end experience. Organizers for Reuters Events Automotive note that a customer’s experience will impact their loyalty and sentiment towards a brand. 

“I would absolutely agree with that statement based on my experience in automotive retail both in sales and fixed operations,” said Carl Anthony, Managing Editor of AutoVision News. “Automakers and dealers are facing new challenges now that didn’t exist even two years ago. One of the biggest ‘change factors’ is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made dealerships reimagine the sales process and how they interact with customers. I believe this webinar from Reuters Events Automotive will be beneficial for all who attend.” 

Expert Panel Speakers

The Seamless Customer Journey will feature three top industry experts and marketers. Each will share how they are developing new models, thinking outside of the box, and ultimately adjusting to a new normal. Speakers for the webinar include: 

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  • David Green, Chief Digital Officer, Lynk & Co.
  • Robert Skinner, Lead Technology Strategist, FordDirect.
  • Andrew Pine, Global Director, Excite – CX, Porsche Cars North America.

Roger Lanctot, Director of Automotive Connected Mobility for Strategy Analytics, will serve as the moderator.

How To Register

The Seamless Customer Journey will take place on March 11th at 10 am Eastern. The virtual webinar is free to attend, and industry experts are invited to register here

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