Whitepaper: The Ultimate Guide to Customer Support

Whitepaper: The Ultimate Guide to Customer Support 16
Whitepaper: The Ultimate Guide to Customer Support 17
The Ultimate Guide to Customer Support
Areas of Focus
Customer Support Product Stack, Internal Workflows, Support KPIs, Automation

About This Whitepaper

This whitepaper discusses the paradigm shift customer support has taken in recent years and how, whether you are in e-commerce, financial services, consumer tech, B2B, or SaaS, your customers expect real, empathetic, and contextual experiences. The Ultimate Guide to Customer Support covers key questions, such as who within your organization should be involved in customer support, how to build the right internal workflows, and how to automate some of the processes. This whitepaper also looks at how more customers are gravitating toward the usage of a mobile device when requesting customer service and why that is an important opportunity for your company. 

Where to Download

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Support is free for all AutoVision News readers via our resource library, which features a wide array of engaging business and technical content. Although always free to you, AutoVision News and its partners may earn a commission when you download a whitepaper from the resource library. 

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