Honda Reveals $40 Billion Investment In Latest EV Roadmap

Japanese auto giant Honda is transforming its existing business portfolio toward full electrification. Honda is investing upwards of $39.7 billion in electrification and software technologies as the carmaker shifts from a non-recurring hardware sales model to a recurring business that sells hardware and software. Honda is also investing $342 million to accelerate the development and […]

Maserati Sales Growth Spurs 2030 EV Strategy

Maserati has entered 2022 with renewed vigor. The Italian automaker reported a 2.4 percent increase in global market share and 41 percent growth in sales in 2021, accounting for 24,269 vehicles sold to customers worldwide. After unveiling the incredible MC20 supercar in 2020 and freshening up its 2022 lineup with new GT trim variants for […]

Volvo Commences Pilot Testing of Wireless Charging Technology for Future EVs

Volvo Cars and its partners in the Swedish Nordic region have begun pilot tests of new wireless charging technology. It’s one of the many projects within the Gothenburg Green City Zone, an exclusive area in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden, that serves as a testbed for developing new and sustainable technologies. Volvo was part of […]

Cadillac InnerSpace Concept to Embody Historic “Standard of the World” Mantra

Cadillac made quite an impact with its InnerSpace concept car at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The Cadillac InnerSpace Concept is the third vehicle from the automaker’s Halo Portfolio and showcases the company’s strength in designing the most thought-provoking and gorgeous concept vehicles like the Ciel Concept (2011) and Cadillac Sixteen (2003). The automaker […]

New Whitepaper: Solving Critical Engineering Challenges for Electric Vehicles

About This Whitepaper Automakers and OEMs are rewriting the rules of vehicle operation as they shift from traditional, mechanical platforms to autonomous, electrified ones. The cars of the future are more likely to feature high-performance propulsion systems driven by densely packed battery arrays, along with the latest ADAS innovations and vehicle perception technologies. Vehicle connectivity […]

Karma E-Flex Van & Platform Support Level 4 With NVIDIA DRIVE AGX

Karma Automotive has unveiled their E-Flex Van, an SAE Level 4 autonomous vehicle with a battery-electric architecture. The Karma E-Flex Van is the latest in a series of development projects centered around the automaker’s new EREV E-Flex Platform. Up until now, the Southern California-based company was known mostly for their Revero line of luxury, electric performance […]

Changes in Vehicle Electrical Architecture: Centralized and Software-Defined


Cars as We Know Them Cars as we know them today are digital machines with dozens of distributed computer systems running everything from infotainment and connectivity features to advanced safety, comfort, and convenience elements. A late model luxury vehicle may have up to 70 electronic control units (ECUs) that combine a processor, memory, and software. […]