Cerence & Visteon to Provide Voice-Enabled Cockpit Technology for the Motorcycle Market

Cerence Inc. (NASDAQ: CRNC) and Visteon Corporation (NASDAQ: VC) have announced that Cerence’s conversational AI will be integrated into Visteon’s SmartCore product with a leading motorcycle manufacturer in 2024. Key Features The new product will leverage Cerence’s AI-powered voice recognition, natural language understanding, and text-to-speech (with global language support) and Visteon’s Android-based SmartCore technology platform. […]

Cerence Receives Funding from Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs to Increase Consumer Trust in Autonomous Cars

Cerence has received a new round of funding from Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and has signed on as a member of the three-year EMMI (Empathische Mensch-Maschine Interaktion or Empathetic Human-Machine Interaction) project. As part of the project, Cerence, a company specializing in automotive AI, will develop emotionally aware and more cognizant […]