Dataspeed Kinetic Kits Debut for Startups & Educational Institutions

Detroit-based autonomous vehicle engineering provider Dataspeed Inc. has launched three new autonomous hardware and software platforms for small companies and educational institutions. The starter packages, officially called Dataspeed Kinetic Kits, provide flexibility and adaptability with the company’s proprietary array of by-wire systems, sensors, computing platforms, and in-house software. “Having explored, tested, and integrated a multitude […]

Dataspeed Announces Hypermotive as an Authorized Installer of its Patented Drive-by-Wire Kits

Dataspeed has announced that Hypermotive, a UK-based e-mobility company, will become a certified installation and distribution partner for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Under the agreement, Hypermotive is authorized to sell, support, and install Dataspeed’s patented Drive-by-Wire Kit. The installations can be performed at one of Hypermotive’s UK vehicle workshops, or by a mobile […]

Dataspeed & Luminar Announce New Partnership to Expand Dataspeed’s Sensor Portfolio

Dataspeed has announced a new distribution partnership with Luminar. As an official distributor, Dataspeed’s customers will now have access to Luminar’s latest LiDAR technology. The collaboration, according to Dataspeed, further supports their commitment to providing engineering teams with a comprehensive range of perception options for automated vehicle platforms.  “Luminar’s technology has the reliability, quality, and […]

Dataspeed Joins “Automated with Velodyne” Ecosystem, Becomes Official LiDAR Integrator

Dataspeed Inc. has joined Velodyne’s partner ecosystem (Automated with Velodyne) and will become an official autonomous vehicle integrator of Velodyne’s LiDAR. Dataspeed says the partnership allows the two companies to work more closely on future projects and recognizes the experience their Michigan-based engineering team has in utilizing Velodyne LiDAR. “Partnering at this level will allow […]

Dataspeed Announces Intelligent Power Distribution System

Dataspeed has implemented new features to its Power Distribution System. The upgraded version, now known as the Intelligent Power Distribution System (iPDS), was announced after extensive testing at Dataspeed’s headquarters in Rochester Hills, Michigan. “Power management and power distribution are often two of the most overlooked challenges when developing an autonomous vehicle platform,” explained Nick […]