dSPACE & LeddarTech Partner to Enhance LiDAR Innovations for Self-Driving Cars

dSPACE and LeddarTech have entered into a partnership to jointly facilitate the development of new LiDAR technologies for autonomous driving. According to both companies, the partnership will enable dSPACE and LeddarTech to provide high-precision simulation models and interfaces for LiDAR sensors, allowing OEMs and suppliers to integrate their LiDAR innovations in a more streamlined fashion. […]

dSPACE Expands Autonomous Driving & Data Management Portfolio by Acquiring Intempora

dSPACE recently announced the acquisition of Intempora, a French company that specializes in real-time development software. News of the acquisition follows the long-standing strategic partnership between both companies. Under this previous partnership, Intempora’s real-time multisensor application software, known as RTMaps, was implemented into several dSPACE solutions. Automotive & ADAS Applications dSPACE says their autonomous driving […]