Lumotive Introduces Early Access Program to Support Select Partners & Accelerate Adoption of LiDAR Technology

Lumotive is launching a new initiative called the Early Access Program. The program leverages Lumotive’s technology and expertise to help qualified partners achieve more efficient system integrations and quicker times to market with their LiDAR-enabled products. Lumotive’s Early Access Program will provide technical insights, engineering support and, as the name implies, early access to its technology.  […]

Lumotive Employs Innovative Liquid Crystal Metasurfaces to Enhance LiDAR Performance

Lumotive recently announced the first of two in a series of 3D-sensing products that utilize Liquid Crystal Metasurfaces (LCM). With samples available in the fourth quarter of this year, the Lumotive X20 and Z20 LiDAR systems target the automotive and industrial automation markets, respectively. The X20 (extended range) and Z20 (lower range) originate from Lumotive’s X10 […]