Volvo Cars’ Ride Pilot Autonomous Driving Feature to Debut in California

Volvo Cars' Ride Pilot

Volvo Cars will introduce Ride Pilot, an unsupervised autonomous driving feature, to customers in California. As described by the automaker, Ride Pilot aims to make driving more enjoyable and convenient by freeing up more time while inside the vehicle. Once Ride Pilot has been verified as safe for highway use, it will become an add-on […]

Volvo Cars Tech Fund Invests in Optical & Imaging Start-Up Spectralics

Volvo Cars has invested in Spectralics, an optical and imaging technology start-up based in Israel. According to a press release, the investment, made through the Volvo Cars Tech Fund, provides the automaker with access to promising safety technology at its early stage of development. As described by Volvo, Spectralics leverages its aerospace background to develop […]

Volvo Cars & Geely Auto Deepen Collaboration: Will Expand On EV & Autonomous Drive Technology

Volvo Cars and Geely Auto have agreed on a wide-ranging collaboration that will maximize the strengths of the Swedish and Chinese automotive groups to meet new and evolving industry challenges. The collaboration will aim to deliver synergies in powertrains, including the sharing of electric vehicle architectures and autonomous drive technologies. After a detailed review, Volvo […]

2021 Volvo Models to Alert Drivers & Municipalities via New Data Sharing & Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Strategy

Volvo has announced a new partnership with Waycare Technologies to share anonymized information with local traffic municipalities and the Waze navigation app. Hazard Light Alert and Slippery Road Alert, two relatively new ADAS features, are able to notify drivers of other Volvo vehicles to potentially hazardous situations and other safety concerns. This vehicle-to-vehicle communication between […]

Volvo Car Group & Waymo Announce New Strategic Partnership

Volvo Car Group has announced that Waymo will serve as the automaker’s exclusive Level 4 partner. The companies will work together to integrate Waymo’s fully self-driving technology – the Waymo Driver – into a new electric vehicle platform for ride-hailing services. The partnership includes Volvo’s strategic affiliates Polestar and Lynk & Co. International. “This key […]

New Vehicle Architectures & Highway Pilot: Looking at the Volvo & Luminar Partnership

Luminar, a Silicon Valley-based tech firm, will supply LiDAR and other vehicle perception technologies for a new generation of Volvo automobiles. According to Volvo, the company’s SPA 2 modular architecture will come “hardware-ready” for autonomous driving applications by 2022, with the Luminar LiDAR integrated into the roof. “Autonomous drive has the potential to be one […]