FCA Calls on Alexa for Advanced AI Capabilities for Future Vehicles

FCA Calls on Alexa for Advanced AI Capabilities for Future Vehicles 16

Alexa, what is the first automaker that plans to use you in future models?

Amazon Alexa’s response: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, also known as FCA.

An Intelligent Assistant

FCA has announced plans to integrate Amazon’s virtual assistant artificial intelligence (AI) technology into cars. FCA plans to incorporate the Alexa Custom Assistant within the automaker’s Uconnect system. That allows FCA to tailor the AI assistant to the brand personality and customer needs.

“Our customers expect to easily connect with their digital lifestyles wherever they go, and today we responded with plans to offer new intelligent experiences built on Alexa’s world-class voice AI technology,” said Mark Stewart, Chief Operating Officer, FCA – North America. “We look forward to the expanding partnership with Amazon and the integration of Alexa Custom Assistant within our powerful Uconnect system, as we continue on our path to put customer needs and expectations at the center of everything we do.”

A Virtual Product Specialist

Customizations planned include two in-vehicle voice assistants’ capability to cooperate and fulfill customer requests simultaneously, noted FCA. The automaker envisions the FCA intelligent assistant to act as the “product specialist” for the specific model in which it’s installed with Alexa handling occupant requests about the weather, smart home control, music, and other issues.

“We are pleased to work with FCA as the first automotive partner to implement Alexa Custom Assistant in its vehicles,” added Ned Curic, Vice President, Alexa Automotive. “FCA has made it a priority to offer an intelligent assistant experience their customers will love, and we are excited to collaborate with them to deliver that capability.”

Engineers plan to use advanced artificial intelligence to determine the customer’s intent and route it to the proper voice assistant. If the first assistant can’t answer the request, it will be passed to the second assistant.


Plans for the system are currently underway. FCA has not announced an expected launch date.

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