New Whitepaper: Solving Critical Engineering Challenges for Electric Vehicles

Solving Critical Engineering Challenges for Electric Vehicles
Adaptive Corporation
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Autonomous & Electric Vehicle Platforms
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Automakers and OEMs are rewriting the rules of vehicle operation as they shift from traditional, mechanical platforms to autonomous, electrified ones. The cars of the future are more likely to feature high-performance propulsion systems driven by densely packed battery arrays, along with the latest ADAS innovations and vehicle perception technologies. Vehicle connectivity will also change, especially with new advancements in 5G. All of this presents a tremendous challenge for engineers and other industry experts.

This latest whitepaper from Adaptive Corporation outlines three design development phases with two fictional suppliers who are designing an electric powertrain. One uses Manual Design Development, while the other uses a Digital Design Development approach. By the end of this paper, you will be able to compare the differences between a Manual and Digital Design Development cycle in all three of the design development phases. You will also be able to compare the challenges to the key advantages in each of the phases and compare and contrast those with your current processes.

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