Automotive Plastics & Advanced Composites 2023

Welcome to the Automotive Plastics & Advanced Composites 2023 Exhibition and Conference, where developers of advanced materials will meet with leading automotive manufacturers in Detroit, Michigan, to explore the latest innovations in plastics and advanced composites for the automotive industry.

The application of plastics and advanced composites in automotive vehicles has been increasing over decades, with more recent uses focussing primarily on making vehicles more energy-efficient through lightweight engineering and providing more durability and design flexibility at a low cost. Although plastics have contributed to many innovations in safety, performance, and fuel efficiency, the industry requires new research in automotive design to meet the needs of next-generation vehicles.

With over 70% of the plastics used in modern vehicles coming from four main polymers: polypropylene, polyurethane, polyamides, and PVC, the role of plastics and composites in the design and manufacturing of automotive vehicles has never been more essential as stringent regulations and changing consumer habits drive demand for more affordable, lightweight, and fuel-efficient vehicles.

This year’s Automotive Plastics & Advanced Composites 2023 event is set to become the world’s leading exhibition and conference exclusively for research and development in automotive applications, where attendees can meet and collaborate with a large array of automotive OEMs and examine innovations in developing polymers and advanced composites for use in automotive development.

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Jul 17 - 18 2023


All Day

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