Automotive Radar Workshop

This two-day workshop will feature 10+ hours of content and 230+ slides developed and presented by Harvey Weinberg, Director of Sensor Technologies at Microtech Ventures. The workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the automotive radar market landscape and will include the following sessions:

1) Radar fundamentals. How it works and its role in ADAS and autonomous driving applications. We will present a brief historical perspective of radar with a focus on automotive use cases. We will explain why cameras are not sufficient for reliable operation of ADAS and autonomous driving systems. This session will also include a brief physics and mathematics based description of current radar techniques, along with a deeper dive into FMCW (coherent detection), as well as a look at a few novel methods.

2) Antenna systems used in automotive radar. This session will include a discussion on phased arrays and MIMO systems. We will explain how they work and their distinguishing characteristics. We will also cover how antenna choice influences system design and performance.

3) Fundamental limits of physics for automotive radar. We will review the tradeoffs made in radar system design, and an overview of techniques that try to extend these limits of performance. This session will also delve into the question of whether or not radar can eventually replace LIDAR for ADAS and autonomous driving.

4) Mini case studies and overview of the 45+ notable players in the automotive radar landscape, such as Ainstein, Analog Devices, Aptiv, Arbe, Astyx (part of Cruise), Autoliv, Bitsensing, Bosch, Caaresys (part of Harman), Continental, Denso, Echodyne, Gapwaves, General Radar, Ghostwave, GPR, Hella, Hitachi, Huber+Shuner, IEE Sensing, Infineon, InnoSent, Lunewave, Magna, Metawave, Mobileye, Neural Propulsion Systems, Neteera, Nidec-Elesys, NXP, Novelic, Oculii (part of Ambarella), Radsee, Renesas, RFISee, Smartmicro, Smart Radar System, Steradian Semi (part of Renesas), STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments, Tower Semiconductor, Tung Thih, Uhnder, Vayyar, Veoneer (part of Qualcomm), Zadar Labs, Zendar, and ZF (non-exhaustive list).

This workshop will be presented by Harvey Weinberg, Director of Sensor Technologies at Microtech Ventures, a global firm focused on investments, M&A advisory services, management consulting, and business development for sensors, MEMS, and microtechnology companies.

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Mar 22 - 23 2023


All Day

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