EV Battery Advancements Workshop 2023

This one-day workshop will feature content developed and presented by Harvey Weinberg, Director of Sensor Technologies at Microtech Ventures. The workshop will offer an overview of current and future (10-year time horizon) battery technologies that will be used in EVs and focus in on the vital few that we believe will be the most successful. We will cover the following topics:

1) Which companies control the global market share today and which OEMs are aligned with them.

2) Review the basics of how Li-ion batteries work, how they are made, and what are their key characteristics.

3) Survey the range of battery chemistries being proposed and researched today and highlight the four main contenders we feel are most promising in the short to medium term.

4) Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each battery chemistry relative to the current standard bearer (lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide batteries — as are commonly used by Tesla), as well as compared to each other.

5) Examine which battery manufacturers are offering, or are about to offer, advanced batteries and what chemistries are they betting on for the future.

6) Look at adoption trends for new battery chemistries by leading OEMs.

7) Lay out our thesis on which battery chemistries will be the short to medium term winners and why.

8) Discuss the EV battery ecosystem including players such as 24M, AESC, BYD, CALB, CATL, Enovix, Faradion, Gotion/Guoxuan, LG Energy Solutions, Natron, NAWA Technologies, Our Next Energy (ONE), Panasonic, ProLogium, Quantumscape, Samsung SDI, SK On, Solid Power, SVolt, Tuball, and Ultium (non-exhaustive list).

This workshop will be presented by Harvey Weinberg, Director of Sensor Technologies at Microtech Ventures, a global firm focused on investments, M&A advisory services, management consulting, and business development for sensors, MEMS, and microtechnology companies.

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Jun 21 2023


All Day

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Microtech Ventures
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