Free eBook: 5 Technologies Your CAD Tool Must Support In The 2020s

About This eBook Tech-Clarity research shows that companies will frequently rely on new technology to increase innovation in the following decade. To support new technology, an overwhelming 99 percent of companies agree that software tools will help, but which ones will have the most impact? Based on a survey of over 200 manufacturers, this research […]

Free Guide: The Return to In-Person Events

About This Whitepaper What should in-person events look like in a post-pandemic world? There are lots of questions to consider around safety, capacity, protocols, and more. As in-person events begin to be scheduled again, it’s important to have a detailed plan in place beforehand. This free and comprehensive guide covers: Pre-event safety measures On-site safety […]

Complimentary eBook: Problem Solving for Managers

About This eBook This free eBook describes six key principles for problem-solving that all successful executives, managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs should know. Problems and challenges are an inevitable consequence of business, but the techniques outlined in this eBook will help you identify and resolve them in a structured and diplomatic way. The six principles for […]

Quick ADAS Overview & Reference Guide: Categories, Functionality, History & More

The following is an excerpt from ADAS Guide 2021: Features & Packages by Manufacturer, a comprehensive look at how the world’s top OEMs approach advanced safety technology. Along with descriptions of each ADAS feature offered currently by brand, the guide provides a deeper look into the propriety names manufacturers use for bundling ADAS technologies, what features they deem […]

ADAS Guide 2021: Features & Packages by Manufacturer

About This Whitepaper While it’s essential to address customer confusion around ADAS, we believe it’s equally important for industry experts to have a clearer picture of what automakers offer today for advanced safety technology. That was the inspiration behind the 2021 ADAS Guide, a comprehensive look at how the world’s top OEMs approach advanced safety […]

Field Guide to Communication With Frontline Employees in Manufacturing

About This Whitepaper Today’s manufacturing organizations require new solutions to maintain safe, adaptable, and well-connected teams across their frontline workforce – and that begins with modern, effective internal communication tools. By leveraging technology to improve the way manufacturing teams communicate with production workers, management can improve worker safety, boost overall efficiency and agility, and shorten […]

Culture of Safety: How Fleet Managers Can Reduce Driver Distraction With Empirical Data

Distracted driving is rapidly becoming one of the biggest factors for accidents across the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), about nine people die each day as a result of distracted driving, and another 1,000 injuries occur daily in accidents that reportedly involve a distracted driver. For companies operating fleets, distracted driving […]

Whitepaper: Connected and Self-Driving Vehicles Spark Industry Convergence

About This Whitepaper The movement toward connected and self-driving vehicles has created new and innovative partnership opportunities between manufacturers, auto insurance providers, and financial institutions. As these partnerships continue to develop, what important considerations need to be made for the car-buying public? How much would consumers be willing to pay for connected services? Does ridesharing […]

New Whitepaper: Solving Critical Engineering Challenges for Electric Vehicles

About This Whitepaper Automakers and OEMs are rewriting the rules of vehicle operation as they shift from traditional, mechanical platforms to autonomous, electrified ones. The cars of the future are more likely to feature high-performance propulsion systems driven by densely packed battery arrays, along with the latest ADAS innovations and vehicle perception technologies. Vehicle connectivity […]

Honda Sensing Elite Launches in Japan with Level 3 Automated Driving Features

The Honda Legend for the Japanese market will receive the automaker’s new Honda Sensing Elite safety system. The Honda Legend Hybrid EX, available for lease in Japan as of March 2021, will include the newly-revised safety package. Honda Sensing Elite is an expanded variation of Honda Sensing, a suite of ADAS technologies currently available on […]

How SLAM Works for Self-Driving Cars: A Brief but Detailed Overview

Today we rely on GPS and Google Maps to tell us how to get from point A to point B. Similarly, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) is how autonomous vehicles find their way in the world. In this article, we will discuss how autonomous vehicles use Simultaneous Localization and Mapping to navigate the environment around […]