Seeing Machines & OMNIVISION Launch Silicon Platform with Interior Sensing Technology Optimized by Occula NPU

Seeing Machines and OMNIVISION have successfully integrated Seeing Machines’ in-cabin monitoring system technology (ICMS) with OMNIVISION’s OAX4600 system-on-chip (SoC) platform. During an announcement at CES 2023, the companies said automakers would have a powerful and cost-effective in-cabin monitoring solution for space-constrained areas. Likewise, the solution meets or exceeds regulatory requirements associated with the European Commission’s General Safety Regulation (GSR) and Europe’s New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) protocols.

Expanding In-Cabin Market

Working together, the companies integrated Seeing Machines’ embedded driver monitoring engine (e-DME) software into OMNIVISION’s OAX4600 SoC silicon, specifically targeted toward the growing automotive in-cabin market. The e-DME software uses Seeing Machines’ Occula neural processing unit (NPU) integrated into the OAX4600 to reduce the load on the Arm processors while accelerating the core tracking pipeline.

“We are very happy to be working with OMNIVISION to bring our Occula NPU to the market integrated into the OAX4600 SoC,” said Nick DiFiore, SVP and GM Automotive, Seeing Machines. “Seeing Machines’ software and hardware embedding capabilities, combined with OMNIVISION’s automotive camera sensor and design expertise, are clearly demonstrated with this silicon.”

“Seeing Machines is a proven leader in today’s automotive camera-based driver-monitoring market and a long-term partner of OMNIVISION,” added Andy Hanvey, Director of Automotive Marketing at OMNIVISION. “The OAX4600 SoC, in tandem with our wide range of automotive-grade, high-resolution camera sensors, provides a cost-effective and small-footprint driver and occupant monitoring solution, integrated with Seeing Machines’ powerful Occula NPU, our customers can expect unprecedented performance and high ROI in minimal form factor.”