Actasys Announces $5M Venture Capital Funding to Commercialize Automotive Sensor Cleaning System

Actasys, Inc. has successfully closed a seed funding round of $5 million to develop and commercialize an automotive-grade sensor cleaning system. The investment, facilitated by Volvo Cars Tech Fund and NextGear Ventures, will address one of the industry’s key topics today: how to keep safety-critical sensors free from dirt, bird droppings, and other debris so they can function at an optimal capacity. 

 “Just one raindrop can alter sensor vision and perception,” explained Miles Flamenbaum, CEO of Actasys. “We are pleased to have such knowledgeable and experienced investors supporting us, recognizing the acute need for sensor cleaning and our potential to greatly increase safety and operations across a wide range of environmental conditions.” 

“We at Volvo Cars are focused on providing customers with the safest and most advanced driving experience,” said Pratik Budhdev, Global Investment Director of Volvo Cars Tech Fund. “Actasys sits uniquely at the intersection of safety and enabling innovative vehicle driving technologies, which supports our strategy.”

Restoring Vehicle Perception

Actasys’ core technology, the ActaJet system, helped inspire the seed funding from Volvo Cars Tech Fund and NextGear Ventures. ActaJet is an electronically controlled array of small actuator cartridges that produce jets of air without rotary fans or compressors. The system, designed for automotive and future mobility applications, cleans essential sensors such as LiDARs, radars, cameras, and even infrared sensors. 

Just as it’s difficult for human eyes to see through a dirty windshield, it’s the same for the vital sensors that make up an automated driving system. “Our ActaJet system can restore that perception without expensive or difficult to integrate mechanical solutions,” Flamenbaum said. 

“We were impressed by Actasys’ unique sensor cleaning technology and their ability to solve critical problems in several industry sectors,” added Dr. Tal Cohen, NextGear Ventures Managing Partner and Drive TLV Co-Founder. “The market opportunity size, the company’s technological advantages and commercial traction, combined with a great team, gave us confidence in their ability to be successful.”

Multiple Applications & Use Cases

Actasys currently works with leading automotive and transportation companies to address sensor cleaning needs but also supports other applications, including robotics, traffic monitoring, and various camera systems. Additionally, ActaJet is developing a range of products to dissipate heat and cool electric vehicle battery packs. With this most recent round of venture capital funding, Actasys will work with Volvo Cars to develop an ActaJet system for future Volvo models.

“We are in a unique position to enable the automotive and smart mobility industries to achieve a transformation of transportation,” Flamenbaum said.