Algolux Joins PAVE to Raise Awareness of Computer Vision Challenges for Automated Driving

Algolux has joined forces with the Partners for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE) to educate consumers about next-generation ADAS technology and self-driving cars. In particular, Algolux will help PAVE raise public awareness regarding the role computer vision plays with autonomous vehicles. The latest innovations from Algolux, like its Eos Embedded Perception Software and Atlas Camera Optimization Suite, help uniquely position the company as a foremost authority on computer vision.

The Need for Robust Perception

Algolux, both in its technology and company culture, recognizes that people drive at all hours during the day. “I’ve never been a fan of the term ‘edge case,'” said Dave Tokic, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships at Algolux, during a virtual presentation for members of the media earlier in 2020. “People drive at night, they drive when it’s foggy and rainy out, and we must recognize how important this is.”

Algoux regularly champions the notion that robust perception, especially in harsh environments, is necessary for autonomous cars to be successful. Since people drive in various and sometimes unpredictable conditions daily, Algolox has designed its product lineup accordingly. The merit behind this product development strategy is further supported by industry research. For example, a study in 2019 from PAVE member AAA showed how current emergency braking and pedestrian detection systems are ineffective at night. Together, Algolux and PAVE will educate consumers on these challenges and how computer vision can help address them. 

“Algolux is thrilled to join PAVE to help educate the public about the real-world challenges that automated vehicles still face in low light and adverse weather,” Tokic explained. “Our unique set of technology and expertise has been applied to significantly improve the robustness and accuracy of these systems in all conditions.”

“PAVE unites diverse organizations in the common mission to promote a conversation with the public about the future of transportation, and we are thrilled to add Algolux’s voice to that conversation,” said Tara Andringa, Executive Director of PAVE. “Algolux’s deep experience with safety-critical perception technology will be a vital resource in our effort to raise the level of public knowledge about the systems that enable automated vehicles.”

Members of PAVE

PAVE’s membership list includes Argo AI, Audi, Aurora, Cruise, Daimler, Ford, General Motors, Lyft, May Mobility, Mobileye, Pony AI, Toyota, Voyage, Volkswagen, Waymo, Zoox, and many others.