Cavonix Selects LeddarTech’s Leddar Pixell LiDAR for Autonomous Shuttles & Off-Road Trucking Applications

LeddarTech recently announced that Cavonix Ltd. has selected the Leddar Pixell sensor technology for its autonomous shuttles and off-road trucking customers. The news follows on the heels of several major announcements from LeddarTech this year, including their acquisition of VayaVision and ongoing work with COAST Autonomous.

Cavonix: Who They Are & What They Do

Cavonix is a tech start-up based in the United Kingdom that has developed a range of white-label autonomous control systems for several vehicle manufacturers and technology companies. Together with their parent company Aim Technologies, Cavonix has recently developed a range of new technologies for autonomous shuttles, various off-road applications, and the agriculture sector. 

Ultimately, Cavonix specializes in mobile autonomy, navigation, and perception for the development of autonomous vehicles with three business units. The first is CAVLab, a real-time development software for the control of connected autonomous vehicles. The second is CavSense, which allows vehicles to collect real-time data from their surroundings. Cavonix says CavSense enables vehicles to navigate in controlled environments while route planning and avoiding obstacles. And thirdly is CavTrak fleet management, a telemetry system that allows any data collected to be monitored in real-time and shared between vehicles.

“Cavonix chose LeddarTech’s technology because of its ability to deliver enhanced safety for our customers,” explained Steven Lake, Founder and CEO. “The robustness and reliability of LeddarTech’s solid-state technology meets today’s demanding mobility conditions and makes it the technology of choice toward preventing collisions in stop-and-go applications by eliminating dead zones left by other sensing technologies.”

“We are honored that our LiDAR solutions were selected and trusted by Cavonix to support its autonomous shuttle and off-road trucking customers,” said Frantz Saintellemy, President and COO of LeddarTech. “What Cavonix has been able to achieve in a relatively short period is impressive, and we look forward to their future developments using LeddarTech technologies.”

About LeddarTech

Today, LeddarTech has 14 generations of solid-state LiDARs based on the LeddarEngine platform operating 24/7 in harsh environments. This platform is actively deployed in autonomous shuttles, trucks, buses, delivery vehicles, smart cities/factories, and robotaxi applications. The company is responsible for several innovations in automotive and mobility remote-sensing applications, with over 80 patented technologies (granted or pending). 

“Making mobility applications safer is at the core of our strategy,” Saintellemy added. “Our technology offers the right balance of performance and cost-effectiveness and is ready for deployment today.”