Dataspeed Joins “Automated with Velodyne” Ecosystem, Becomes Official LiDAR Integrator

Dataspeed Inc. has joined Velodyne’s partner ecosystem (Automated with Velodyne) and will become an official autonomous vehicle integrator of Velodyne’s LiDAR. Dataspeed says the partnership allows the two companies to work more closely on future projects and recognizes the experience their Michigan-based engineering team has in utilizing Velodyne LiDAR.

“Partnering at this level will allow us to expand our market reach, therefore magnifying our integration capabilities to the AV market,” explained Heidi Bodell, Director of Sales & Marketing, Dataspeed Inc. “Our highly skilled integrations accelerate projects – which in turn get AVs on the road quicker.”

“We are pleased to welcome Dataspeed into the Automated with Velodyne ecosystem,” said Jon Barad, Vice President of Business Development at Velodyne Lidar. “Their use of our LiDAR sensors in the many innovative autonomous vehicle projects has been exciting.”

By Popular Demand

Dataspeed, known across the industry for its by-wire applications and power distribution systems, has an established history with Velodyne. While working on both past and current integration projects for Fortune 100 customers, Dataspeed has received positive feedback on Velodyne’s capabilities, including sensor calibrations, autonomous software development, and mounting solutions.

“Our customers often request Velodyne LiDAR for their broad range of high-performance sensing solutions offered and the ability to generate advanced perception,” Bodell said.

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Dataspeed & Velodyne Going Forward

Dataspeed’s autonomous vehicle deployments are currently used by startups, research institutions, mining operations, and government agencies, among other industries. For these and other applications, Dataspeed’s engineers will electronically and mechanically integrate Velodyne products while simultaneously utilizing the point clouds generated from Velodyne LiDAR.

“This all-encompassing skillset allows us to provide highly tailored AV customizations including seamless sensor mounting, calibrations, and autonomous software development,” Bodell said.

“We have enjoyed working closely with Dataspeed and are eager to continue to include their voice in our ecosystem to help continue to grow the AV industry,” Barad added.