Dataspeed & Luminar Announce New Partnership to Expand Dataspeed’s Sensor Portfolio

Dataspeed has announced a new distribution partnership with Luminar. As an official distributor, Dataspeed’s customers will now have access to Luminar’s latest LiDAR technology. The collaboration, according to Dataspeed, further supports their commitment to providing engineering teams with a comprehensive range of perception options for automated vehicle platforms. 

“Luminar’s technology has the reliability, quality, and scalability that aligns with what our customers are looking for,” said Paul Fleck, Founder and CEO of Dataspeed. “We are thrilled to add Luminar products to our growing sensor portfolio.” 

Luminar Hydra Toolset

Luminar is an autonomous sensor and software company that builds LiDAR from the chip-level to meet stringent safety and economic requirements. Luminar’s technology can be integrated with Dataspeed’s by-wire solutions for various testing and research platforms. 

In a recent newsletter, Dataspeed showcased Luminar’s Hydra toolset. Engineers in the field can employ the toolset to test and develop programs scheduled for series production. It is configurable with one or multiple LiDAR sensors to enable autonomous vehicles to operate in multiple domains, from the city to the highway. The Hydra toolset includes a single 1550nm fiber laser and two-axis scanning mirrors with a 120° x 30° field of view. Additionally, Hydra has undergone numerous stress tests, from freezing to earth-shaking vibrations, to ensure durability and reliability. 

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Dataspeed recently joined Velodyne’s partner ecosystem. As part of the ecosystem, Dataspeed is an official autonomous vehicle integrator of Velodyne’s LiDAR. Earlier this year, Dataspeed also announced updates for is Intelligent Power Distribution System. The upgrades followed as a result of extensive testing at Dataspeed’s headquarters in Rochester Hills, Michigan.