Innoviz Technologies Announces New Partnerships to Accelerate Growth & AV Development in China & Korea

Innoviz Technologies has announced two new strategic partnerships designed to enhance the company’s operations in China and Korea. Here is a brief overview of both new partnerships.

Innoviz & EDOM Technology

The first partnership is with EDOM Technology, a Taiwan-based electronics distributor. According to both companies, the partnership will help enhance various sales and support initiatives for Innoviz’s LiDAR solutions in the Greater China region. EDOM Technology will leverage its relationships with manufacturers, along with its sales and support personnel to accelerate the adoption of Innoviz’s products in the world’s largest automobile market. Additionally, EDOM Technology will expand Innoviz’s footprint into adjacent market segments, including security, construction, agriculture, robotics, drone, rail, industrial, IoT, smart city, and marine transport.

“At Innoviz, we are committed to bringing the most reliable and highest-resolution LiDAR to market for a wide range of applications ranging from automotive to agriculture,” said Omer Keilaf, CEO and co-founder of Innoviz. “We are delighted to partner with a strong and well-established distribution company like EDOM to expand our market presence in the Greater China area.”

“EDOM Technology always chooses the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies to support,” said Wayne Tseng, Chairman of EDOM Technology. “We see InnovizOne as the optimal partner for autonomous driving systems and are proud to partner with a technology leader like Innoviz. We look forward to developing and realizing automotive and non-automotive business opportunities initially within Greater China and ultimately across the continent at large.”

The partnership with EDOM further strengthens Innoviz’s presence in Asia. It also complements its existing relationships with Tier 1 suppliers HiRain Technologies and Harman International Industries, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, in Asia.

Innoviz & SpringCloud

The second partnership is with SpringCloud, a startup that introduced an autonomous shuttle service for the first time in Korea. SpringCloud will distribute Innoviz products in Korea across multiple sectors through this agreement, including automotive OEMs, shuttles, robotaxis, robotics, drones, and industrial applications.

“We are pleased to partner with Innoviz, which will solidify SpringCloud’s position as an advanced autonomous mobility service provider in Korea,” said Younggi Song, CEO and founder of SpringCloud. “Innoviz Technologies’ strong global technology presence will ensure that this partnership leads to a long-term bond between the companies for fruitful business together.”

“We are delighted to partner with a strong and leading autonomous mobility service provider such as SpringCloud, to expand our market presence in South Korea and bring our high-performance, solid-state LiDAR sensors to a wide range of applications,” Keilaf added.

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