LeddarTech & OSRAM Sign Commercial Agreement for Automotive LiDAR & ADAS Development

LeddarTech and OSRAM have announced a long-term agreement to combine their respective expertise in an effort to deliver cost-effective ADAS systems through the fusion of LiDAR, cameras, and radar. LeddarTech will provide its expertise in Levels 1 through 5 ADAS sensing technology and OSRAM will lend its expertise in automotive lighting and laser systems.

Goals & Objectives

The new partnership between OSRAM and LeddarTech aims to provide automotive-grade ADAS and, eventually, fully autonomous driving systems at mass-market pricing. In addition to reducing costs, the companies say that lowering overall system computing power is also important. As part of the agreement, LeddarTech will provide hardware and software components for OSRAM’s PERCEPT LiDAR platform.

According to OSRAM, PERCEPT is a solid-state LiDAR platform engineered with a strict focus on industrialization and automotive qualification. OSRAM wants to offer a mid and/or long-range platform to OEMs, Tier 1s, and system integrators that can be adapted based on specific and individual applications. To achieve this, OSRAM sought out LeddarTech going on four years ago now.

“Early in 2017, OSRAM recognized LeddarTech’s promising technological LiDAR approach based on unique software and hardware components and therefore invested $70 million to become a major shareholder,” explained Dr. Olaf Berlien, CEO of OSRAM Licht AG. “Since then, we have committed over $70 million more on developing LiDAR products, which has allowed OSRAM to offer LiDAR solutions to Tier 1s and OEMs that meet their cost and performance requirements for mass deployment.”

“LeddarTech is honored by the commitments expressed by OSRAM, one of the most respected and by far the largest lighting automotive suppliers in the world,” added Charles Boulanger, CEO of LeddarTech. “OSRAM’s presence selling into every major OEM with the PERCEPT LiDAR platform will transform the automotive industry and enable mass deployment of ADAS systems, leading to a significantly safer and vastly enhanced user experience.”

Shared Expertise

OSRAM’s PERCEPT LiDAR will utilize LeddarTech’s proprietary LeddarEngine technology. LeddarEngine consists of integrated system-on-chips and related LiDAR measurement software that are ISO 26262 compliant. OSRAM will provide further support with its laser products, optical module design, and industrialization expertise. By working together, LeddarTech and OSRAM say the PERCEPT LiDAR platform will be a versatile and high performing LiDAR that will enable volume deployment of ADAS innovations at a reasonable cost.

“LeddarTech’s expertise in LiDAR, sensor fusion, and perception technology, combined with OSRAM’s industrialization competencies and their track record in delivering highly reliable and quality automotive modules, is destined to be the model of a winning partnership for the industry,” Boulanger said. “The Tier 1 automotive suppliers, supported by technology providers such as LeddarTech, will dominate the market for LiDAR sensing systems just as they have with radar and other sensing platforms.”