Lumotive Introduces Early Access Program to Support Select Partners & Accelerate Adoption of LiDAR Technology

Lumotive is launching a new initiative called the Early Access Program. The program leverages Lumotive’s technology and expertise to help qualified partners achieve more efficient system integrations and quicker times to market with their LiDAR-enabled products. Lumotive’s Early Access Program will provide technical insights, engineering support and, as the name implies, early access to its technology. 

“While our 3D-sensing products leverage innovative Liquid Crystal Metasurfaces to provide significant performance and cost advantages in several key markets, we know that customers want to accelerate time-to-market for their sensing systems with differentiated, application-specific features,” explained Lumotive co-founder and CEO, Dr. William Colleran. “Our Early Access Program delivers access to Lumotive’s technology – including our software-defined beam-steering API – well before general availability.” 

What Companies Should Apply?

Lumotive’s Early Access Program is for companies working on LiDAR products for automotive and industrial applications. Currently, Lumotive is considering partners in those key markets, along with consumer electronics.  

In the automotive arena, Lumotive is seeking OEMs, tier-1 suppliers, and full-stack autonomous vehicle companies. On the industrial side, Lumotive is looking for partners with experience addressing robotics and process automation, as well as factory logistics. With regard to the consumer market, Lumotive is considering mobile device manufacturers and technology developers.  

“Early access programs are common in the software industry, but Lumotive’s program uniquely addresses both software and hardware customization, which is crucial to LiDAR product differentiation in several important markets,” said Alexis Debray, PhD, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement. “The program is an excellent opportunity for selected companies to customize their LiDAR offerings for specific use-cases by optimizing form-factor, performance, and software-controlled operating modes, among other factors.”

While each partner in the program will benefit from Lumotive’s technology and expertise, Dr. Colleran says Lumotive will also be enriched in the long run by the forging of new relationships. “In exchange, Lumotive gains a number of early-adopter partners and valuable insight into their product requirements, which drives our own core technology development,” he said. 

Applying for the Early Access Program

Companies interested in learning more can visit the official page for Lumotive’s Early Access Program. After completing the brief form, Lumotive will forward every company a more detailed description of the program. The program launches on August 28th and applications are being accepted now.