Otonomo Technologies, SWAT Mobility Partner to Optimize Transport Pooling & Ease Traffic Congestion

Otonomo Technologies and SWAT Mobility have announced a new partnership that aims to improve the way people commute in an effort to reduce their stress and increase their quality of life. According to the press release issued by the two companies, this collaboration will provide optimized transport pooling services, improve journey time, and ease traffic congestion.

Otonomo Technologies is a pioneering vehicle data platform and marketplace provider that securely ingests more than four billion data points per day from over 40 million global connected vehicles. SWAT Mobility is a Singapore-based smart mobility solution firm that offers transport pooling services, including employee transport in remote locations, shuttle services for traveling salespeople, shuttles within industrial parks or airports, on-demand public transport for governments, and deliveries.

Partnership Overview

SWAT Mobility will seek to transform Otonomo’s real-time vehicle data into a road speed graph. According to the companies, by creating a speed graph, the SWAT Mobility routing engine can better account for traffic conditions to achieve more accurate ride scheduling and transport. As described by SWAT Mobility, speed maps are utilized to estimate the shortest path between two locations and their corresponding travel time.

“Speed maps are an important aspect of our services that determines and drives the success of our business,” explained Evgeny Makarov, Head of Data at SWAT Mobility. “Otonomo’s one-stop-shop services enable SWAT Mobility’s speed calibration process to improve our customer’s overall riding experience.”

Otonomo Enters Definitive Agreement

In February 2021, Otonomo entered into a definitive agreement with Software Acquisition Group, Inc. II (Nasdaq: SAII), which would result in Otonomo becoming a publicly listed company. The combined company will retain the Otonomo Technologies, Ltd. name. Its ordinary shares are expected to be listed on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol “OTMO.”

“The scope of use cases for the Otonomo data in the auto-tech, smart cities, and related industries continues to grow,” said Ben Volkow, CEO of Otonomo. “Our vehicle data gives SWAT Mobility the ability to provide better rides, punctual arrivals, saved transport costs, and a more efficient daily commute experience for thousands of employees in the Asia Pacific region.”

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