XenomatiX Launches XenoTrack “Dual Lane” LiDAR to Optimize Road Maintenance

XenomatiX has unveiled the latest version of its XenoTrack road LiDAR called Dual Lane. Designed to assist with roadway planning and maintenance, XenoTrack Dual Lane surveys two neighboring lanes in a single pass to help authorities save time and money. According to specifications provided by XenomatiX, Dual Lane offers precision-level accuracy with a 40Hz frame rate and over one million measurement points per second. 

Single Lane & Dual Lane Solutions

XenoTrack Dual Lane is among the latest offerings from XenomatiX, following the launch of XenoTrack Single Lane in 2022. Both can be equipped to an existing vehicle in a road operator’s fleet, an intentional design on the part of XenomatiX. “It saves the customer the hurdle of investing in expensive and dedicated survey vehicles,” the company said in a statement. 

6D Road Scanning Services

In May 2020, XenomatiX launched 6D Road Scanning Services, a business unit that evolved from the company’s road digitization work in the automotive industry. 6D Road Scanning allows highway maintenance personnel to analyze the road’s surface for cracks, waviness, ruts, potholes, or other damages. A central goal of 6D Road Scanning is reducing the cost and burden of infrastructure maintenance and management, and XenoTrack Dual Lane is expected to aid in that process.