CEVA & Autotalks Expand Collaboration to Create 5G-V2X Solution

Autotalks has licensed and deployed the CEVA-XC4500 Communication Processor and CEVA-BX1 Digital Signal Controller in its 3rd generation V2X chipsets, TEKTON3 and SECTON3. Announced at CES 2023, this most recent collaboration builds on the second-generation chips from Autotalks, SECTON and CRATON2, which CEVA DSPs also power.

“Autotalks is pleased to expand its collaboration with CEVA and continue to provide the world’s best V2X hardware and software with our TEKTON3 and SECTON3 chips,” said Amos Freund, Autotalks VP R&D. “CEVA’s DSPs play a crucial role in the ability to concurrently support DSRC and C-V2X technologies, including the latest 5G NR-V2X standard.”

V2X Opportunities

According to ABI Research, more than 10 million vehicles will be capable of short-range V2X communication by 2025. Indirect communication via the cellular network (V2N2X, I2N2V) still constitutes the most significant V2X opportunity. ABI Research continues by writing that cellular connectivity will be available in 346 million vehicles by 2025, while smart city cellular connections will exceed 165 million.

“Autotalks is widely recognized as a pioneer in V2X chipsets, constantly pushing the technology forward to achieve mass market adoption,” said Guy Keshet, Vice President and General Manager of the Mobile Broadband Business Unit at CEVA “We are proud to work closely with them to provide our best-in-class DSPs for two generations of their V2X technology.” 

V2X Requirements

As described in a press release from CEVA and Autotalks, TEKTON3 and SECTON3 are designed to support all existing and upcoming V2X requirements, with CEVA DSPs supporting the 5G NR-V2X modem operation of these chips. The press release also notes that TEKTON3 and SECTON3 have been selected for a series production vehicle by a major automotive OEM due in 2026. “We are excited to see these chips deployed in passenger vehicles in the coming years, helping protect drivers, two-wheelers, and pedestrians,” Freund added.