HAAS Alert Raises $5 Million to Expand Cellular V2X Network Nationwide

HAAS Alert recently closed $5 million in investment capital to support the expansion of Safety Cloud across the United States. The funding was led by R^2 and Blu Ventures, along with TechNexus, Stacked Capital, UrbanUs, Techstars, Ride Ventures, and Gramercy Fund.

Real-Time Safety Alerts

As described by HAAS Alert, Safety Cloud is a vehicle communication network that delivers digital alerts from emergency response and other fleets to nearby drivers, vehicles, and infrastructure. The platform enables real-time safety alerts between vehicles and connected infrastructure (V2X) to reduce the risk of collisions. The service works on any vehicle or infrastructure that can alert other drivers on the road, including fire trucks, ambulances, police vehicles, tow trucks, garbage trucks, school buses, and work zone equipment.

More than 750 public agencies and private organizations have sent more than one billion driver alerts through Safety Cloud to date. As of this writing, Safety Cloud is active in thousands of vehicles and already comes standard by leading manufacturers of emergency and roadway fleet vehicles. This new funding will allow it to expand to 10 billion driver safety alerts by 2022.

Multiple Use Cases

According to HAAS Alert, Safety Cloud was designed with minimal hardware requirements to make it more practical for agencies regardless of size or location. Haas Alert has worked with rural volunteer departments, family-owned towing businesses, municipal agencies, state DOTs, and federal fleets, among others. Safety Cloud can also be utilized for smart city applications for predictive modeling and interagency coordination, including traffic management.

“HAAS Alert is a rare kind of company, building truly innovative and disruptive technologies that are solely focused on making the world a safer place,” said Jeff Eggers, Managing Director at R^2. “We’re proud to invest in a company so dedicated to protecting public safety professionals and their communities.”

“We’re celebrating the start of an exciting new chapter at HAAS Alert, with the goal of connecting vehicles everywhere for roadway safety,” added Cory Hohs, Founder and CEO of HAAS Alert. “We’ll continue to measure our success the same way we always have: by the trust of our customers and the value of the safety services we can deliver.”

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