Free Whitepaper: Transportation Trends That Drive New Thinking & Designs

Transportation Trends that Drive New Thinking & Designs
Parker Hannifin
Date Published
December 2020
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As the transportation industry continues to evolve, especially with COVID-19, engineers are tasked with establishing new benchmarks, solving complex challenges, and determining how to adopt emerging technologies. In the next five years, the transportation industry will change with the advent of things like electrification, autonomous vehicles, and new emissions standards. What can engineers and other industry professionals expect as these trends take shape? 

This latest whitepaper from Parker Hannifin examines both U.S. and global market trends behind new innovations and new ways of thinking during this critical timeframe. The whitepaper covers five main areas in-depth: Auto, Bus, Truck, Marine, and Rail. Parker Hannifin further outlines these segments and their individual key drivers.

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