PAVE “Driver Stories” Video Highlights Those Working in Automated Trucking

PAVE "Driver Stories" Video Highlights Those Working in Automated Trucking 16

The Partners for Automated Vehicle Education (PAVE) have produced a new video that showcases the technology, and the people, behind automated trucking. The video below includes interviews with truck operators from Aurora, Gatik, Kodiak, Locomation, Plus, Torc Robotics, and Waymo. Many of these men and women serve as safety drivers working to make the technology a reality.

“The impact of automated technology on truck drivers is one of the key issues for autonomous vehicles,” said PAVE Executive Director Tara Andringa. “The ‘Driver Stories’ video helps to elevate the voices of lifelong truck drivers to tell their stories about why they believe in autonomous trucking technology.”

By The Numbers

According to American Trucking Associations data, 72.5 percent of U.S. goods were moved on trucks in 2019, representing more than 11 billion tons of freight, generating $791.7 billion in total revenue. Similar data from Allied Market Research shows the global self-driving truck market reached a value of $1,004 million in 2020, and further growth is expected through 2025. PAVE’s extensive library includes more than 60 resources regarding the industry shift to automated trucking and the potential societal effects.

Humans Behind Automated Trucking

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