Reuters Events Webinar to Examine the Role of Connectivity in Designing Smarter & Safer Vehicles

Reuters Events Webinar to Examine the Role of Connectivity in Designing Smarter & Safer Vehicles 16

Reuters Events is gearing up for its latest webinar on March 24th about how connectivity will play a role in the cars of tomorrow. According to Reuters Events, more than 75 percent of all new vehicles sold by 2025 will be connected somehow. As this timeline inches closer, connectivity must be more than a fancy “buzz word” or catchphrase. In other words, how do we leverage connectivity innovations into real-world applications? 

Smarter & Safer Vehicles

During the live webinar titled Connectivity for Smarter & Safer Vehicles, a panel of experts will look at some of the most important trends around connectivity. This includes key considerations like how connectivity disrupts existing business models, how to keep data safe and protected, and if V2X technology is a viable option for the future.

“Connectivity today is more than just pairing your smartphone to your car, which was really the extent of the term when I started 12 years ago in the automotive business,” said Carl Anthony, Managing Editor of AutoVision News. “This upcoming webinar from Reuters Events will look at the deeper applications of connectivity and how our readers can leverage that to help create a world with safer roads.”  

Expert Panel Discussion

Speakers for the Connectivity for Smarter & Safer Vehicles webinar include: 

  • Szabi Patay, Head of Automotive, Commsignia
  • Prashant Tiwari, Director – Intelligent Connected Systems, Toyota North America
  • Frank Weith, Director – Connected and Mobility Services, Volkswagen Group America
  • Michelle Avary, Head of Automotive and Autonomous Mobility, The World Economic Forum

Roger Lanctot, Director of Automotive Connected Mobility for Strategy Analytics, will serve as the moderator.

How to Register

The Connectivity for Smarter & Safer Vehicles webinar is free for all automotive industry professionals. You will be in good company too, as Reuters Event is expecting over 900 attendees! The webinar will take place on Wednesday, March 24th, over Zoom, and registration is currently open via this link. Other highly-anticipated events this year from Reuters include Automotive Retail 2021 and Mobility Boardroom 2021

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