World Economic Forum to Host Public Dialogue on ADAS Innovations & Motorcycle Safety

World Economic Forum to Host Public Dialogue on ADAS Innovations & Motorcycle Safety 16

The World Economic Forum is getting ready to launch a new series of webinars in 2021, the first of which is scheduled for March 2nd. The virtual series of events, called Road Safety Dialogues, will examine how new technologies and advancements in public policies can reduce the high number of collisions and fatalities on global roadways.

Can ADAS Improve Motorcycle Safety?

The first session in the Road Safety Dialogues series will look at ADAS applications and motorcycles. While ADAS is already common in automotive, motorcycles are just beginning to implement the technology. The Forum’s upcoming event will examine how ADAS applications differ between vehicles with two wheels instead of four, how road safety groups can create awareness, and if riders will ultimately accept and adapt to these systems on their bikes.

To explore these questions and more, the Forum will host a 60-minute panel discussion with experts from Energica Motorcycles, Ride Vision, The FIA, and Revzilla. The panel is scheduled for Tuesday, March 2nd, at 1:00 pm Eastern (10 am PST, 7 pm CET).

Where to Register

The event is free, and registration is currently open via this link

“In 2021, the Forum is launching a new series of public dialogues to explore a breadth of challenges in road safety, and highlight technologies and policy innovations which can reduce collisions and fatalities,” wrote Tim Dawkins, Lead, Automotive & Autonomous Mobility at the World Economic Forum in an e-mail to AutoVision News and others. “We look forward to your participation and welcome any additional colleagues working on or interested in road safety.” 

The webinars will also support the Forum’s ongoing Safe Drive Initiative, which recently published a whitepaper proposing a high-level policy framework that enables a regulator to implement an operational safety assessment for automated vehicles. 

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