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AutoVision News is an online publication focused on future vehicle technology, including next-generation ADAS innovations, electrification, and autonomous driving. Our readers, be it from an engineering or a marketing background, are working on new technologies that will lead to fully-automated vehicles, intelligent cities, and more.

Join our Managing Editor Carl Anthony as he talks one-on-one with the industry professionals who are ushering in one of the most significant eras in automotive history.

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Reducing Complexity, Maximizing Performance ft. Andy Hanvey from OMNIVISION

OEMs need cutting-edge technology that meets even the most ambitious cost reduction targets and form factor requirements. This is essential in today’s ultra-competitive automotive landscape, but what is the secret? Is it having a great product or a talented team? Maybe, it’s exceptional customer service? Or is it a delicate combination of all three?

Andy Hanvey, Director of Automotive Marketing at OMNIVISION, shares how the company identifies market trends ahead of time and how they deliver real-world solutions to OEMs. Andy also shares his thoughts on in-cabin monitoring and key insights from his decades-long career in automotive.

A Billion Lines of Code ft. Daniel Sisco from Renesas

Software-defined architectures are the key to making the “car of the future” possible. An electrified vehicle with the highest levels of connectivity and convenience can likely only be achieved through a software-centric platform. While such platforms promise increased safety, comfort, and functionality, the computing power requirements jump exponentially.

To gather some insight into software-defined cars, we turned to Daniel Sisco, the Senior Director of Digitial Product Strategy at Renesas. We explore how Renesas is helping set the tone for many converging trends in automotive, including electrification and autonomy. Daniel also shares his early college years and why he pursued a career in automotive.

One Woman Show ft. Katelyn Magney from Magney Creative

Sound engineering will make a product more robust, while sound marketing will give it more reach. But what are the benchmarks for a successful marketing platform in automotive? We know that social media is essential, but what about graphic design and written content?

Katelyn Magney, founder of Magney Creative, has developed a “One Woman Show” for companies looking to overhaul their marketing and communications strategy. As the MarCom Director for VSI Labs, Katelyn oversaw the promotion of successful ADAS-focused programs. She brings her experience to the table to help us understand why marketing for automotive , especially after COVID, is more important than ever.

Made in Michigan with a Global Reach ft. Justin McKnight from Steady Growth Consulting

The modern automobile is a collection of many different systems combined to create a finished product. No one system is “better” than another as each serves a specific and essential function. In the same way, our automotive careers are the sum of many different experiences, none of which we should discount.

Justin C. McKnight, founder of Steady Growth Consulting, is many things: an engineer, executive, technical sales professional, leadership coach, hip-hop artist, and father. Justin shows us how what we do in life and business is interconnected and how it’s possible to take what we have learned and channel it towards a more fulfilling future.