AV Ecosystem Analysis: The Building Blocks of Automated Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicle landscape

Automated vehicle systems are a complex endeavor for anyone trying to compete in this space. OEMs and traditional automotive suppliers have been very active through tie-ups, investments, and acquisitions designed to improve their strategic position. Large tech companies are also very active developing complete platform strategies as well as aggressive investments through their venture funds. […]

AV Data Management: The Role of Data Annotation Companies

Data Annotation in AI

Traditionally, software engineers have written code as explicit instructions to the computer. With the advent of neural network based deep learning techniques, software can be written in much more abstract language (i.e., weights of a neural network). Software engineers do not need to program the machine with specific instructions. Rather, they feed it with “data,” […]

AI in Automotive: How VSI Has Applied AI for Automotive Use Cases

Woman reading in a self driving car

Automated driving is the perfect use case for artificial intelligence (AI), because algorithms leveraging AI can handle situations that the vehicle has not been explicitly trained on. In other words, AI, unlike classical algorithms, is capable of leveraging knowledge gained from one set of situations to tackle the potentially limitless situations that an autonomous car […]