Women in Autonomy Launches New Mentorship Program for Females in Automotive & Auto Tech

A new mentorship program from Women in Autonomy is officially underway. The announcement comes on the heels of the Accelerate Summer series, organized by Women in Autonomy earlier this year. The virtual series of webinars served as a way for females in the automotive and auto tech industries to stay connected during COVID-19. The conclusion of that series was on the importance of mentorship (video below), which made for a natural transition. 

Women in Autonomy founder Indu Vijayan explained to AutoVision News that after the Accelerate Summer series concluded, the mentorship program would launch. “I’m looking forward to kick-starting this and showing women a path for how they can grow in their careers,” she said. “Our goal is to have the mentoring program begin after our final session in the Accelerate Summer series.”

Women in Autonomy & Mentorship

In a recent newsletter detailing the new mentorship program, Women in Autonomy cited a Forbes report showing that less than half of working professionals have a mentor. By contrast, those who do have a mentor tend to be more fulfilled in their work. As a whole, Women in Autonomy seeks to educate and equip females in the automotive industry, and the new mentorship program is way to expand on that mission. 

“We want to empower those with more experience to share their knowledge, skills and journey,” a statement from Women in Autonomy reads. “And we want rising women to learn from those who’ve walked before them in order to grow their careers and network.”  

How to Become a Mentor or Mentee

Women in Autonomy is asking potential mentors to consider filling out this short form. For women (and supportive men) who are more established in their careers, this is an excellent opportunity to help younger females find their footing in the business world. Similarly, those who are seeking a mentor should fill out this brief form. Women in Autonomy will then pair you with a mentor who best matches your goals and experience. 

The expectation is that the mentorship program will last three months, although it’s entirely possible lifelong relationships can develop. For information about the mentorship program, send an e-mail to: [email protected]​ 

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