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2024 BMW i5 EV Debuts With AirConsole In-Vehicle Gaming Platform

German automaker BMW has debuted the ninth-generation 5 Series sport-luxury sedan with a few surprises. First, the lineup has expanded with a gasoline, hybrid, and an all-electric i5 variant in a single or dual-motor configuration. Moreover, the 5 Series family has grown marginally to offer more room, and the new

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NIRA Road Surface Conditions Solution to Augment CARIAD ADAS Functionality

Swedish automotive systems expert NIRA Dynamics AB has partnered with Volkswagen’s CARIAD software division to develop the latter’s next generation of ADAS and autonomous driving functions. NIRA is no stranger to software-defined automotive solutions. The company specializes in utilizing modern vehicles’ existing hardware and sensors to create proprietary innovations like

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Mechanical & Sensor Fusion: What Diesel Trucks Teach Us About Consumer Adoption of ADAS Technology  

Centrifugal Pendulum Vibration Absorbers, Shear-Style Body Mounts, and Diesel-Exhaust Brakes share a special relationship. Specific fundamental components like these work together to achieve an overall vehicle goal, be it efficiency, comfort, safety, or performance. In the autonomous driving world, we call this sensor fusion. Mechanical components have their own fusion

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Industry Weighs In On Electrification, Sustainability & Workforce Issues In ABB-AMS Study

AMS–ABB survey says EV regulatory timelines are unachievable, offers the current status of sustainability targets, and reveals industry insight into workforce challenges and adaptations. ABB Robotics (ABB), a multinational company based in Zurich, and Automotive Manufacturing Solutions (AMS), a leading industry publication, in their joint 2022 Automotive Manufacturing Outlook Survey,

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